“Hello,” said Sammy to Teddy.

“I want to open a showroom for my shoes. I’ll make some good shoes and sell them instead of just repairing broken ones,” said Teddy.

“That’s not easy. You will need many shoes to open a showroom. Imagine how hard it will be to make them yourself. Have you made one yourself?” asked Teddy.

“Oh no, haven’t made one yet but want to try making one,” replied Teddy.

“But how do we make  a shoe?     I have no clue,” said Sammy.

The blue book in front of them jumped up and said, “I have all the information that you need. Just open up my pages and read.”

“Wow! There are pictures and clear instructions here on how to make a shoe,” Sammy was happy. He started reading, “You will need some cork to make the sole and some leather to make the body. A marker, a pair of scissors, a needle and some thread, shoe glue, eyelets and shoe laces if it is a sports shoe you are making.”

“That should be fun,” Teddy jumped at the idea. “I bet he was just thinking of cowboy boots,” Sammy  smiled to himself. 

Teddy  though  was  ready  to start, now that he had his leather and his toolbox.

“Look what I found,” said Sammy, “a cork and a hammer in the attic.”

“Great,” said Teddy as he sat down to cut the cork to the shape of his left foot.

“This cork is so hard,” he said. “How do I cut it?” “That is the work of a hammer. Hit your chisel with the hammer to cut it into shape,” said Sammy.

So he used the chisel and hammer to cut through the tough cork.

“This shape is shabby,” said Teddy. “You should cut it to shape,” said Sammy. “That’s what I did.”

“Try marking the shape with the marker first. Then you won’t go so wrong.” “Right, I’ll try,” said Teddy.

He worked very hard. He made a mistake and then realized it. Then Sammy told him a better way. Teddy was good at following instructions though.

He got the shape right atlast!

Then he got ready to cut the leather for the outer part of the shoe.

He cut the pattern on paper for both the outer and the inner except that he used fabric for making the inner. Then he stitched them together and glued the body of the shoe to its sole.

“You are terrific,” applauded Sammy. “Look how neatly you have stitched the two pieces together – it will fit great too.” “But I bet something is missing,” Sammy looked intrigued. He looked through the pages and said, “The shoe tongue is what is missing, it’s the flap below the eyelets and the shoe laces. And we need to punch holes with an awl for fitting the eyelets.”

“What are eyelets?” Teddy asked wonderstruck.

“Oh, those are the little holes where you put the shoelaces for fastening the shoe to your foot.”

“You mean the string for tying the shoe to your foot.” “Exactly,” said Sammy.

So they removed the glue that stuck the body to the sole, opened up the leather and punched holes for fixing the eyelets. When they had fixed the eyelets in the holes, Teddy was about to sew in the tongue. Sammy read aloud, “Do not sew the bottom of the tongue shut.”

So Teddy took care not to sew in the bottom of the tongue and then the body of the shoe was complete. Finally they glued the body to the sole that was cut to his left foot and the new shoe was ready.

“I can’t wait to put it on,” Teddy gleamed. “Wear it and see,” said Sammy.

So Teddy wore the shoe, “Just the thing I needed,” he was sure surprised that it was comfortable.

“I am thrilled,” said Teddy. “Are you excited to make the other shoe?” asked Sammy.

Teddy looked excited, “Ofcourse, I can make the right shoe too, because the first one is the hardest.” “Right,” said Sammy. “You’ve got all that it takes to start your own showroom.”

“The first time at a new task is always the hardest, but keep at it and surely, you will make progress. Remember the first time we went to aunt’s house – we lost our way when we took the wrong turn. Then we had to ask for help to get back on the right track. Similarly, when we forgot to put in the tongue, we had to get the body unstuck from the sole. Lucky we didn’t give up or we wouldn’t have this shoe.”

“Thanks Sammy, your help made all the difference.”

If at the first time you don’t succeed, try figuring out how it needs to be done and try again. Persist till you succeed. You will have learnt something new and gained confidence in your abilities.