One day as little deer munched on grass, he heard some noises.  He looked up to see a large number of silver objects falling down from the sky. They looked like little stars and he was amused.

He went close to sniff at it. It smelt delicious but what was it? He tried to bite a piece. As he chewed on the wrapper, he thought, “It smells so good but tastes so bad.”

Just then a squirrel passed by: “What’s that you are fiddling with? Can I have a look?” “Sure take a look. I tasted it. It smells great but doesn’t taste nice.” “I know what the problem is…ask the expert. I know how to unwrap gifts. I get my food nicely packed. I will help you with this one,” boasted the squirrel. So he removed the silver wrapper from the chocolate and gave it to the deer. “Yummy! It tastes so good,” he said. “Feels heavenly…like nectar or butter perhaps!”

  “You too take a bite,” said deer. “I love it too. I’ve never tasted something so tasty! Where did you get it from?” A swarm of bees came hovering, disrupting the peaceful ambience with their crazy buzzing! “We saw many balloons up in the sky. When we went close and held them with our pincers, they burst and lo and behold, shiny objects fell to the ground. It seems the stars are falling down from the sky!

“Well,” said squirrel, “they are not ‘stars’ for sure. We just tasted them and they taste great. It’s some kind of rare food. They smell very good as well. If you find more, just let me know. By the way, where did you see them falling?”

So they turned around and said, “We’ll take you there, let’s go.”   So the squirrel and the deer made their way towards the place where the honey bees had found the balloons. They picked all the chocolates they could find – there were 260 of them. They divided it and each one had at least 20 chocolates to themselves. 

“We are so happy to get such a tasty treat,” the bees hummed as they enjoyed eating the chocolates that squirrel unwrapped for them. When deer had finished one, he went to the next one and the next until there was none left. The taste was so unique and special that they forgot about the rest of the world for some time and relished as many chocolates as their stomachs could hold. “I’m stuffed full,” said squirrel.

Then he waved everyone goodbye and set out for home. Mama received him with much warmth and invited him to dinner.

Squirrel was confused.

“Should I say I am full or eat what I am served? Well, after such a scrumptious lunch, I am not willing to eat plain nuts.” So he lied that he had found a large number of nuts that day and there was no place left in his stomach. He felt a little uncomfortable about the fact that he had not thought about his brother or sister when he found the chocolates and ate them all up.

Mother asked where he had found the nuts. They had been looking all over the forest and not found one. The one she was holding had been stored up for winter time.

Squirrel was in a dilemma. If he told them where he had found the nuts and they went looking for them and did not find any, what would he say? He would be forced to say another lie. He knew it was better to speak the truth but he felt strange because he had been selfish.

He didn’t have much time to think so he blurted out, “Near the village tree.” Lying made him wince, but he had to save his face for the time being. Mother rushed to father to inform him that the village tree was the place where their son had found the nuts.

So they decided that the whole family would go to the village tree to collect nuts for the next day. Squirrel was so full from eating all the chocolates that he overslept and did not wake up at his usual time. When he woke up at last, he saw that his house was empty. Some breakfast was laid on the table but he was too full to eat even another nut. So he went back to bed and rested himself hoping to digest all that amazing food in his stomach.

By evening, he felt a little hungry. So he ate his breakfast.

Soon after, his family returned with great song and music and celebration. They were so cheerful and full of joy. They said how there was a fair at the cafe near the village tree. There was a grand celebration and many tasty dishes were served and they were so lucky to be there and feast at the banquet the whole day.

Mama apologized that she had not returned to call him and include him in the fair as well. Instead of being upset, squirrel continued to be in a good mood. In fact, he felt better after listening to mother. After all, the chocolates were better and he had eaten them all by himself.

Then father came, and then his brother and then his sister came to apologize for having forgotten him and not inviting him along for the fair that had been such a wonderful new thing for them all. “Never seen so much food – pastries, cookies, buns, cakes and so on,” she rolled her eyes as she thought about the food she had eaten all day long.When he heard them say the same thing again and again, he started feeling hungry – all the mention of food made his mouth water and he started thinking about how much better it would have been for him to go and eat at the fair. 


But they had forgotten him and he was so miserable having eaten just a nut the whole day. He was devastated.

But he also knew that he had done the very same thing to them. He had eaten the chocolates all by himself.

When his little sister came over a second time, she gave him a small shiny thing that she was holding.

“I like for you to eat this little thing I found. How does it taste?”

“You mean you have not even tasted this?” He thought, “She has amazing self-control.”

“How could I? … I just found one and I thought of you and decided to bring it for you. Just eat this and tell me how it is.”

Squirrel’s heart melted and all his sadness left him. He felt his sister was the best sister a brother could have!

“I would prefer that you eat this one. I’ll go back there and get some more. Or let’s do it as a team. I know that there will be many more of them lying around.”

His family overheard squirrel speaking to his sister and said, “Yes let’s do that.” So the next day all of them went back to the spot where they had found the chocolate. And when they counted all of them, they had picked as many as 60 chocolates. Squirrel felt happy that he had finally managed to give his family that which truly tasted the best. He had done them the favor that he had wanted to do at last. 


A little sin could spoil your day. So make amends when you have the time.