Whirly the Mean Alligator

Whirly the Mean Alligator highlights an alligator who breaks the eggs of the frogs and the fish for sport. Her attitude needs fixing as Mistra, the frog chief, finds out. It’s a lesson in how being mean can be inconvenient and how one’s habits may need changing.

Teddy and Rosy Stories

Teddy and Rosy Stories has 11 story chapters of two bears and a little boy Sammy. The trio are very fond of each other and they go out of their way helping each other learn and growfrom  reading and writing, to cooking, to stitching, to farming bees, to everything else under the sun! 

Fear Not Little One

Fear Not Little One is a tale in which Lory has to face her exam fears. She gets help from Tomato and Cherry tree who faced similar situations when they had to pass their own exams. It’s a lesson in being courageous, stepping into territories unknown and making a difference

The Wise Swan

The Wise Swan is a story of a swan, Svana, who loses both parents at an early age. While still unable to endure her personal tragedy, she is taught by a little girl, Linola. It’s a lesson in the power of learning new ways, adapting to the vagaries of life, and then helping others!

The Gentle Giant

The Gentle Giant is a story of an adorable elephant Basu who loves eating bananas. He travels far and wide in search of them but either the farmers or a wicked snake might take his life. It’s a lesson in the power of working to make positive changes and being kind to all!

What's the Perfect Gift for Mother?

What’s the Perfect Gift for Mother? takes Lory and her animal friends on a journey to getting a taste of the sweetness of mother’s love. Lory and her friends discover how blessed they are when they finally understand that a mother’s heart longs to nurture and needs nothing in return.

Jungle Life

Jungle Life is a story of two lionesses who look alike. The jungle is ruled by the lion. The elder lioness pursues the younger lioness as she leaves the jungle. In a twist of destiny, the two lionesses get to know how they are related. But the lion feels threatened about losing territory.

Anger is Sin's Dagger

Anger is Sin’s Dagger is the story of Lory whose new sharpener goes missing. She finds out that her younger brother has pilfered it. Yet this is a story of getting even in the most unnatural way – thanks to another story her teacher tells her about an angry shark, Colly, that lights up her way!

All About Friendship

All About Friendship is a winsome story of three friends who are the world to each other. They face several odds and yet their friendship only grows. A merry sum-up on what friendship means at the top of every page sparks a thought and ignites it! 

Happy Milly

It’s a lovely farm with amazing animals inside. Milly, a young cow, feels bored and makes up her mind to leave her farm. She ventures outside and has her share of trouble, and stops by to share her most valuable lesson with you!

I Am a Little Hut

Little hut was pretty bored most of the time until he started conversing with the stars and learning about God. In the meantime, several things happen to him and he has to learn to listen better to the voices he hears!