Free Concept Books for kids

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Beginner Books (Ages 3-5)

Childhood Days

Childhood Days is a story of two siblings Juan and Maria who make it to a great life by all the things they do. They balance learning with play. It’s also a lesson in organizing your time to have the best of everything. 

The Two Lionesses

It’s a story of two lionesses who look alike. Despite several odds facing them, they manage to find how they are related and settle everything. It’s a lesson in the power of thriving amidst odds and ultimately, finding one’s destiny!

Whirly the Mean Alligator

This story highlights an obnoxious alligator who wants to battle all her days out with the frogs who live in the same pool. Her attitude needs fixing as Mustafa, the frog chief, sets about his task. It’s a lesson on how being mean can bring doom and how one’s actions will catch up someday.

Intermediate Books (Ages 6-8)

Happy Milly

It’s a lovely farm with amazing animals inside. Milly, a young cow, feels bored and makes up her mind to leave her farm. She ventures outside and has her share of trouble, and stops by to share her most valuable lesson with you!

Jungle Life

Jungle Life is a story of two lionesses who look alike. The jungle is ruled by Sherpa the lion. The elder lioness Debrah pursues the younger lioness Fumbrah as she leaves the jungle. In a twist of destiny, the two lionesses get to know how they are related. But the lion feels threatened about losing territory.

Anger is Sin's Dagger

Anger is Sin’s Dagger is the story of six-year-old Lory whose new sharpener goes missing. She finds out that her younger brother has pilfered it. Yet this is a story of getting even in the most unnatural way – thanks to another story her teacher tells her about an angry shark, Colly, that lights up her way.

the wise swan

The Wise Swan is a story of a swan, Svana, who loses both parents at an early age. While still unable to endure her personal tragedy, she is taught by a little girl, Linola. It’s a lesson in the power of learning new ways, adapting to the vagaries of life, and then helping others!

Advanced Books (Ages 9-11)


As Tasty As Tomato is about a crab Sean who seeks to find out why fish are caught by fishermen. His mother narrates a story of Tomato to help him understand. It’s a lesson in the power of living a sacrificial life, and fulfilling one’s destiny!

BILL the Parrot

 It is a story of how Bill a parrot reclaims a desert and makes the place beautiful again. It’s a lesson in the power of pursuing a meaningful purpose and the joy of attaining it and getting a bonus for doing it!