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Problems Addressed Resources Developed Outcomes Offered
■ Lack of drive ■ Caring for others ■ The joy of caring 
■ Wishing rather than doing ■ Taking initiative ■ Resolving potential conflict
■ Dependence on others ■ Pursuing what you want ■ The rewards of persistence

Story Summary

      Sherpa is the lion king and he relies on lioness Debrah for wisdom and advice. When another lioness Fumbrah comes to their jungle, Sherpa is insecure but Debrah wants to find out more about her lookalike. So when Fumbrah leaves the jungle, she pursues her for two days.  

    Finally she sees Fumbrah and thinks how similar she looks. They resume their journey and reach a village. Debrah tries to find out more about Fumbrah by asking questions and her final question pretty much sums it all up for her – she is indeed my sister because she has the same passion to find her true purpose and calling in life. 

    Sherpa is insecure about losing territory. He cannot let a young lioness like Fumbrah take over his land. So he is disturbed when Debrah brings her back. But Debrah explains that Fumbrah is her sister and that calms him down and he is willing to let her be a part of their growing family.


Key Learnings from the Story


  1. Debrah and Sherpa are loving leaders who will change themselves for the benefit of others. They are keen to safeguard and protect what is vested with them. They see opportunity in doing so, for it means a peaceful life and trusting relationships.
  2. But the moment arrives when all their intentions will be put to the test. A young lioness looking similar to Debrah arrives uninvited. Debrah is overjoyed but Sherpa sees her as a threat to his dominion. He wants to play it safe and Fumbrah can sense that her arrival has roused a few temperaments. She must clear the way before things go out of control. So she goes away in search of her paradise.
  3. Debrah cannot stand that Fumbrah is retreating and has a deep and earnest desire to avoid disharmony and seek true peace. She is similar to Debrah in her approach towards life and this inflames a desire in Debrah’s heart to find out if they belong to the same clan.
  4. Her quest for the truth makes her pursue Fumbrah as she is leaving. They travel long and hard and indeed Debrah has her moment of truth when she finally sees Fumbrah. In all possibility, she must be my sister. The lioness is our role model for perseverance in love and finding it in the rarest ways because she has no real reason to believe so except that they look alike and they haven’t even spoken to each other until this point.
  5. They set out on the journey together. Debrah cannot return. No matter which way Fumbrah is going, she must go along. Sherpa might grow concerned. He might pose a threat if he follows her scent to this place. Yet she has to experience everything first hand. A second witness will not do. Another time is not plausible. Whatever needs to be done must be done NOW.
  6. She enquires what Fumbrah is after. And her response baffles her: a banyan tree? This strikes a chord with Debrah who now understands that indeed Fumbrah has a great destiny ahead of her. This reveal clinches it and Debrah is completely sure that she has indeed come face-to-face with her own!
  7. The lion cannot be placated because Debrah has not yet told him what she was up to thus far. And the moment finally arrives. Sherpa shows amazing cool in the wake of a possible attack by a healthy strong lioness who is well able to topple his world. But the lion can see atlast that it wasn’t for doom and gloom that Fumbrah had come but to make a glorious difference by being a welcome addition to their lives. 







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