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Story Summary

Sean, a crab, learns from his mother that humans make a living from catching sea creatures and selling them for money. He is certain that he does not want to die but mother tells him a story of a tomato who too avoided being useful to anyone. He had many occasions to serve but he escaped each time only to end up being broken into half. It is a sad day for Tomato who set out to enjoy his life. 

But as luck would have it, Tomato is glad to find that his life has been spared. Not only that, he is the father of three little tomato saplings. Overjoyed, he feels at the top of his world and understands the power of divine grace. He finally comprehends that there is divine providence for each one and God Himself takes care of all His creation. 

This discovery warms his heart and he is ready to be really useful, even if it cost him his life. And when the time is ripe, he is eaten by hungry birds. He is glad to offer himself to the fulfillment of his destiny and so is Sean who too is keen to grow up and walk in Tomato’s footsteps.


Key Learnings

  1. Sean the crab is looking for answers to big questions like ‘why must we be useful to others?’ ‘Why can’t we just look after ourselves and not bother about being useful?’ His mother, being wise, tells him the story of Tomato.
  2. Tomato wants to enjoy his life but he encounters several obstacles and finally ends up being broken in half. He can’t believe his bad luck but good luck often comes to us disguised as bad luck. Because he recovers from his fall and is able to have three little tomato plants of his own. Finally, he is pleased with life and is grateful that God gave him yet another chance to prosper.
  3. He develops an affectionate reverence for God and becomes so intertwined with the loving Creator’s plans that he is able to become one with the divine heart. He realizes that his life is meant to serve as food to hungry creatures and so he willingly gives his life away to the sea gulls that come looking for something to eat.
  4. Sean is baffled that Tomato had to die but his mother is quick to explain that Tomato served his purpose and plan for his life and he gave himself happily to be food for the birds; for even otherwise he would only have fallen off the plant and got mixed in the dirt.
  5.  Sean realizes that death is the end of life and there is only so much time one has, to do what one is called to do. So he makes up his mind to be useful too. Many years later, Sean is caught and laid in a stall. Sean is glad that he has come to the end of his journey and is going to enter into the fulfilment of his destiny. He is jubilant that his life has been useful and worthy of his purpose!
  6. Our lives too are precious to God and He desires for us to live it fully. He has endowed us with many talents and gifts according to our destiny and purpose. When we recognize our talents and work to improve it for the benefit of others, we will find that our inner joy is released and our hope is fortified in the promises of God. We experience the living Presence of the Almighty as we let Him do His work in and through us. This is the secret to a fully satisfied life.

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