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Problems Addressed Resources Developed Outcomes Offered
■ Conflicting wants ■ Having fun with others ■ Finding compromises
■ Lack of self-control ■ Enjoying relationships ■ Win-win solutions
■ Managing anger ■ Feeling tenderness of heart ■ Freedom through trust

Story Summary

Lory misses the green dino sharpener she received as her birthday gift. She tries to locate it but when she sees her brother Ras watch her intently, she understands that he knows about it. But she has to attend school and there is no time to react. So she leaves and at school, her life skills education teacher tells them a story of a shark named ‘Colly’ who had a fierce temper. She wasn’t able to get along with anyone. Yet Maggie, another shark, wanted to help out.

One day Colly sees a pirate ship and attacks it for sport. But she gets trapped in the anchor instead and ends up brutally hurt. Her condition is very serious but the other fish are not keen to help. Maggie implores the big fish to do what they can to save Colly’s life and she is successful; for they rush to get help from the rescue helpers. When they arrive, they find Colly in a hapless state but they are able to medicate Colly back to normalcy.

When Lory hears the story, she wants to help herself get over her angry thoughts and so she decides to change her mind about the whole episode of Ras taking her best gift. Her mama is quick to find out that Lory has been growing leaps and bounds and gifts her the dino sharpener she wanted and adds a gift of chocolates to celebrate.

Key Learnings from the Story

  1. Lory must find her green dino sharpener before her bus arrives. But she only manages to discover that her younger brother Ras has taken it. She has no time to vent her anger. So she ends up in class, right in the life skills education hour. Her story of Colly does register. She can understand that being angry is burdensome and painful. It sends one into penury so deep like Colly and one cannot come out except with help.
  2. She recognizes that she must think differently like Colly to diffuse her anger and let calm return. She feels that this is a hard thing to do but just so that she can feel normal again, she must choose to think pleasant thoughts. She must be happy with her life and then alone can she press past her problem.
  3. She must understand that Ras is human. He too is subject to error. He is a good brother at heart. They did enjoy fun times together. A little sharpener wasn’t worth splitting hair over. She must take the best course of action to resolve the problem without getting entangled in her emotions. She would help him overcome his bad habit gently.
  4. While she is still figuring out how to handle the situation best, she tells her mother that she needs a new dino sharpener. Her mother understands that Lory is suffering silently and offers to help. When mother gets her the sharpener she sought, she also gives her a box of chocolates to celebrate her ability to handle and solve problems on her own and for choosing peace and forgiveness over violent reactions.
  5. This story continues into Whirly the mean alligator where mother takes Ras to task and explains the hurt that he caused Lory by being selfish and thoughtless.

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