Blisteroo was a melon farmer who grew the best melons in town. His animals loved him because he fed them fresh melons from the farm. The cows gave the best milk and the hens laid the best eggs because they ate vitamin-rich melon all the time.

One afternoon, the hens were pecking their melon and Blisteroo was milking the cows, when a herd of wild dinosaurs started flying about the farm. They saw the farm animals relish the melons and their mouths started to water. They too wanted to taste the fruit that was green outside and red inside – juices running over with every bite! So they decided to return in the night when all would be quiet and the farmer fast asleep.

As planned, the dinosaurs sneaked in in the middle of the night. Blisteroo, being a slight sleeper, was awakened by quirky sounds and looked out of his window to see that the dinos had landed on his farm.  The kindly farmer didn’t mind giving away all his produce but he disliked animals that stole his fruit stealthily at night. As they scrambled around, looking for the red delectable, Blisteroo came out dressed like a scarecrow and set up big plastic perfumed melons for them to pick.

They smelt so good that they each carried one along. The dinos picked the biggest melons. They carried them gladly into the jungle but when they tried to bite into the fruit, it wouldn’t break or cut.

They blasted fire from their mouths but it only started to melt. “Strange fruit indeed,” they thought. “How is it that the hens were so engrossed in eating the fruit that they didn’t even notice us but we can’t seem to even get to the pulp?”

The next day, the distressed dinos went to the hens and the cows and asked which fruit they ate? “Here, this is the fruit that we eat. Come on and taste it.”

“Wow, it tastes so fine! Then how come our fruits are so hard, we can’t even break into them!” they asked jointly.

Farmer Blisteroo made his appearance from where he secretly listened to their dialogue. When the dinos tried to escape frightened, he stopped them saying, “My animals are a happy lot. They get their feed from time-to-time and their friends are welcome too – but certainly not strangers. You got to know that I don’t hold back anything good, but lavish you with every good thing you need and you can have a good time, but only if you decide to be a part of our family. You got to include yourself and you can eat all the fruit that you want!”

The dinos cheered joyously – “Awesome tasty mouth-watering melons and family too! Wow – couldn’t have it better!”

So the dinos were glad to have a farmer like Blisteroo take care of them as they gladly helped out with the work in the farm.