Concept Books

Sweet Birthday

Sweet Birthday brings little ones an account of Sasha’s birthday as she introduces the reader to her friends who visit her on her day and the merry moments that make birthdays so special. It’s a cute lesson on how simple things bring more joy than planned events that are not always gentle on the soul.

The Gentle Giant

The Gentle Giant is a tale of an elephant with a large heart. His winsome ways are worth noting as much as his innocence even when he is harassed by a wicked snake. He leads the way and teaches us how the virtue of innocence can be hugely rewarding.

Truly BeautIful Synthia

Truly Beautiful Synthia is a story of a proud goose who can’t seem to get her world in order. After several mishaps, she has to learn some hard lessons. It’s a lesson in  humbling oneself and celebrating one’s friends.