The Blue Man

The Blue Man is a heralding story of good reigning over inventive and gruesome evil. Clashes take place in heaven and on earth as war breaks out between God and demons leading to an enigmatic climax. Heaps lessons on God’s power and His goodwill towards mankind.

My Best Christmas Present

My Best Christmas Present is the story of Lory as she finds her way through the quagmire of her life. She embraces the freedom that is found in Christ to welcome happiness into her life. This fully illustrated story drives home the fact that fathers bring joy and stability into their children’s lives.

Happy Milly on a Coaster Ride

Happy Milly on a Roller Coaster Ride is about a young cow Milly who aspires for more and gets it quite unwittingly. She’s on a hard route, but she gets help just when she needs it. It’s an eye-opener on how one’s vision expands with experience.