Great Parenting Starts With Great Stories!

Stories are a powerful medium to inform, teach values, build experience, facilitate change, and heal to name a few. 

And they do it through attraction, bypassing resistance and nurturing imagination.

How do stories have impact?

Stories aid imagination and induce thinking.
Children need meaningful stories to engage and interact with life concepts.

So we decided to use targeted stories to help change kids’ views on important topics, without being intrusive. Take anger management for example – a story well-told on how being furious nearly took a shark’s life makes a point and conveys the fact that being fierce can be real painful.

Because stories have staying power.

Lory learnt to calm her exam fear after taking advice from Tomato and Cherry tree.

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Let’s FINE-TUNE Your…

Kids with Fine Kids Books!

It’s hard to get kids to read anything

These ebooks are short stories (at best 2000 words) with clingy pictures to keep them hooked, and have fast-paced content rolled out by lovable characters. In short, it’s an ebook that will be read fully.

And do they cost a lot?

All ebooks are inexpensive (average 35 rupees or 50 cents plus taxes). We are providing the story highlights FREE in the story notes so that your kids’ freedom is not compromised. This way you will also be able to assess if the story is suitable for your child. Parents can use the notes to elaborate on the story and reinforce the message the kids just received in their ebook.

Be Blessed

How Our eBooks Help Kids?​

Original stories with messages that children can use

Highly illustrated for retention and effect

Topics don’t just entertain but also stimulate thinking

Easy to understand; plain simple language

Cute characters children love and kids are so involved that it's lovely to read to them. They absolutely love the stories.
Alena Brighton

We are keen to bring change with our eBooks!

We dream of

  • Giving children wings to soar higher.

  • Aiding understanding of key principles that prosper life.

  • Fostering trust in little ones toward everything life has to offer.

10$ gift-card
for Loved ones

Children love great books! They open up their mind and give them answers to questions. So buy them for your family and gift them to your friends! 

How It Works

Identify what your child needs

The titles have been listed according to the age of the child. So choose the right book accordingly.

Read again and again

Read the book several times and devote time and attention to each reading.

Ask questions

Send your questions to and each one will be replied to.


P.A. O'Neil

An entertaining and gentle way for children to learn lessons of kindness and blessings.
International Children's Author

Free Child Wellness Coaching

After seven years of experience as a qualified coach,
Ms. Niti has written several books that bless little ones.

Her stories make children think about their actions, the actions of others, and how to turn everything on its head. Picture and chapter books with  thoughtful illustrations and happy endings instill a love for life in all readers. 

Her books range from creepy thrillers to chirpy bouncers that can inspire your children to push through and overcome anything. Equipped with emotional intelligence qualities such as independence, self-awareness, assertiveness, endurance and so on, if you want your children to confidently sail through life, pick up some of the works by Niti.

Words can’t explain how deeply important her stories are to the world; Niti creates an incredibly lovely world for all of us to tumble into.

Age groups: Beginner (3-5), Intermediate (6-8) and Advanced (9-11).


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